3. October 2016 Brewing Bartender

Coffee on the run

Brewing Bartender, Postfach 260264, 80059 München

As a modern bartender or barista you probably spent a lot of your time on the road. Very often there are just a couple of hours between bed and bus. Thats why a good and strong coffee is a necessity you shouldn’t miss if you don’t want to feel an look like the walking dead.

But if you ever had to drink a coffee at the bus stop kiosk you might have experienced that this is a choice between the devil and the deep blue sea.

Lucky, if you can do it yourself!

A couple of weeks ago I stumbled over a little gadget that helps solving the bad-coffee-crisis on your way from one job to the other. And that in a very versatile manner.

A Canadian company called ESPRO tried to solve the problem with their ESPRO Press. And in my mind they did well!

Looking like a regular steely french press its inner values are the ones that matter.

Your coffee gets filtered through a patented double micro filter which gets rid of all the annoying stuff that likes to stick between your teeth, while sustaining the full and rich coffee flavors and oils that you know and like from your french press.

Brewing Bartender, Postfach 260264, 80059 München

double micro filter

French Press or Pour over?

But even if you’re not a friend of french press coffee this little travel partner can help you out!

By adding an additional paper filter to the system to remove the finest particles and coffee oils you also have the option for a light, delicate, pour-over-like cup of coffee.

Brewing Bartender, Postfach 260264, 80059 München

additional Paper Filter

Skip the coffee. Let’s have some tea!

You want to skip the coffee for now and have a tea instead? No Problem! A optional tea strainer will do the job! Same deal here. Double micro filter. But in this case it sweeps all the leaves into an isolated chamber to stop the extraction at its peek. Done.

Brewing Bartender, Postfach 260264, 80059 München

optional tea filter

To deliver the whole package a doubled wall of stainless steel will keep your lifesaving liquid warm for hours and probably survives one or the other drop from the table. Even though you shouldn’t wait that long to finish your hot drink…and don’t drop it, even though you could. But just don’t.

If you want to get your own one you have to spend around 34 €. Your tastebuds will appreciate it!

Save travels with good drinks! Cheers!

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