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workshops and consulting

There is almost nothing as diverse and creative as the wide field of gastronomy. Acquiring the necessary expertise often requires many years of training and experience. Through in-depth training and continuous education, as well as numerous work experience at home and abroad I know the best of two worlds – coffee and cocktails.

Take advantage of this experience to optimize your business and take the next step.

For whether in the private or professional life, good taste is always well reveived!

Brewing Bartender, Postfach 260264, 80059 München


Regale your guests with delicious cocktails or a perfectly brewed coffee! I offer the necessary skills individually tailored to your needs for Cocktail and Coffee courses!

Learn from me how to prepare your favorite cocktail and what really matters for brewing an extraordinary coffee! It is important to me to provide you with all the needed knowledge in an very simple and most understandable way, so applying the learned is easy.

Upon request, I’m also happy to visit you and school on your own machine.


From Concept Development to Offer Design, from Process Optimization to Personal Training I will support you in all gastronomic concerns, including the cocktail as well as the coffee sector.

Are you looking for a creative signature drink for presenting your company or is the next team event waiting to be planned?

With specially and individually created Cocktails and Drinks, I emphasize your company’s identity , providing attention to your fair or sales booth.

Your guests will be entertained by shows, tastings and hands on Coffee Cocktail trainings, setting the frame for an communicative and successful event.

Brewing Bartender, Postfach 260264, 80059 München

Brewing Bartender, Postfach 260264, 80059 München

trade and industry

Thanks to my extensive contacts in the German bar scene, I can help you in developing new products and their launch to the German Beverage Market. Through my hospitality experiences, as well as my work in spirit´s sales I know both sides of the beverage business and can thus respond flexibly and comprehensively to your needs.

Through my work, I stay in close contact with the guest, for I know both the needs of potential customers as well as those of the staff and owners.

I help with the preparation of promotional events and exhibition programs with matching cocktails, tailored to your audience.



Brewing Bartender, Postfach 260264, 80059 München
Brewing Bartender, Postfach 260264, 80059 München
Brewing Bartender, Postfach 260264, 80059 München
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