15. September 2016 Brewing Bartender

Kinda Americano

Brewing Bartender, Postfach 260264, 80059 München

Back from summer break and just in time for the perfect Aperitivo to start a warm late summer evening!

The „Kinda Americano“

Some of my bartender colleagues might know the problem if you get a Americano order at early evening. Coffee or cocktail? Why not both?

As simple as this drink might be as delicious it is! And the best part: you can do it at home like a piece of cake!


1 oz Campari
1 oz coffee infused red vermouth*
2 oz Soda water
1 slice of Orange

Combine all ingredients over ice in a tumbler or longdrink glas and give it a gentle stir to keep the bubbles. Than squeeze and add the orange. Done.

Coffee Infusion

Basically produced like a cold brew coffee you just replace the water with a red vermouth of your choice.
Take 500 ml of vermouth with 30 grams of coarse ground coffee and let steep for 24 hr at room temperature. Than strain and keep refrigerated.
Almost every red Vermouth works out fine. Just take what you like or what is left over from your last party. I prefer Merwut, Dolin or La Quintinye.
Coffee wise you should stick with a spicy, full bodied coffee (e.g. from Columbia, Brasil or Guatemala). The more bitter your vermouth is the less dark roasted (and bitter) your coffee should be. Otherwise the overall bitterness can be a bit overpowering.


If you had a long exhausting day and need something stronger just replace the soda water with sparkling wine or 1 oz of Bourbon or aged rum.

But now have a drink and enjoy the last warming sun rays of this summer and have fun mixing a Kinda Americano!

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