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(Nitro) Coffee Lemonade


When the temperature rises around you, you are looking forward when it sinks in your glass for compensation. An ice-cold, refreshing lemonade on hot days therefore often is more welcomed than a steaming hot filter coffee.

For all of you despite the weather still looking for their little caffeine boost and not want to drink the Coldbrew must try a nitro coffee lemonade. A smooth combination of filter coffee, lemon juice and elderflower syrup. Does not work? Oh boy it does!

Who does not want the trouble making the lemonade in their own kitchen is welcomed in the Standl20. For the rest of you, here is the recipe.

As a base we use a fruity Iced Brew.

For this the coffee of choice is brewed directly over ice cubes or better yet, crushed ice. This has the effect that the oxidative process, which the coffee is exposed to after the brewing starts, is slowed down by the cooling and the coffee thereby retains its sparkle. Accordingly, it should be mentioned that the cold coffee which was sitting on the stove since 8:00 am in the morning is not suitable. Unless you are into bitter, stale filter coffee.

the coffee

In this case I have chosen a light roasted Kenyan coffee.

To produce a liter of coffee you will need:

  • 60 grams of coffee, coarsely grounded (about the size of Quinoa)
  • 750 gr / ml of water at 94 ° C, filtered
  • 250 gr / ml of ice
  • coffee filter
  • 2 large measuring cup, or the like

Pour the coffee into the cup and then add the hot water. After 3 minutes, break the crust of coffee with a spoon so that the flour is lowered to the ground. Then pour the coffee through the filter directly into the second measuring cup on the ice.

If you want to you can pour the coffee directly over the ice, or you let the coffee machine do the job but both need a little bit more defined settings on your grind. So that is left to your own skills and the time you have.

If everything was done correctly, the result is a cold, a bit acidic and fruity coffee.

the coffee lemonade

You will need:

  • 1 Liter Iced Brew see above
  • Juice of 3 lemons, about 100-120 ml
  • 100-250 ml elderflower syrup, I recommend D´arbo, which is available at most supermarkets


Optional, to go Nitro:

  • Siphon for whipped cream with 2 nitrogen capsules

Pour the lemon juice into the coffee and season everything with elderflower syrup. Depending on how much lemon juice is used, and how sour / fruity the coffee is, you have to adapt the amount of syrup. Normally, it is a bit more than the amount of lemon juice used.

But in the end it’s like cooking. Just taste and decide by yourself when it is sweet enough. Done.

do it Nitro

If you now want to give some texture to it, you can fill the lemonade into a cream siphon and charge it with 2 nitrogen or cream chargers (same same). The high pressure ensures that the lemonade gets a consistency like a creamy Guinness. However, it must be ensured that the lemonade is freed of all the pulp previously, otherwise they will clog the valve from the siphon and it will leak!

Who does not have a siphon at hand, simply fills the batch in a large carafe with ice cubes and decorat it with a few lemon or orange wheels and a sprig of mint.

tip for BBQ and lake-goers:

If you fill the whole in a plastic bottle (!) and freezes it, you have a cooling at hand all day!

But please leave some space in the bottle, if you do not want to mess in the freezer. Water expands when it freezes, which gets even steel to burst.

For some joy in the glass, the whole thing can be extended by a few drops of gin or sweet wine …;)

Thus, the summer may finally come. At least you are well prepared now regarding the perfect drinks!


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